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What is the principle of air horn


Car horns divided into two kinds of horn and air horn, horn continuously through the electromagnetic coil power on and off, the metal diaphragm to generate sound vibration, sound sweet. Electric horn shape mostly spiral and basin-type, widely used in a variety of vehicles. Light passenger cars are electric horn. Air horn using compressed air flow of the metal diaphragm vibrates, mostly long horn shape (cylindrical), and high-pitched sounds great, propagation distance, the use of the long distances in large and medium-sized cars, the inner city is disabled of.

Spiral tube car horn comes with a speaker, the speaker rolled into a cylinder to compress the volume of the spiral, beautiful loud sound. Basin-shaped electric car horn speaker without the tube, smaller flat shape size, light weight and ease of installation, the sound quality is slightly inferior but widely used.

Spiral-shaped basin and the basic working principle is the same, by the static core, magnetic coils, contacts, moving core, diaphragm and other components. When the driver presses the button, the current through the contacts through the coil, the coil generates a magnetic suction force the movement of the diaphragm under the movable core, armature movement causes the contacts open, current interruption magnetic force disappears, the elastic piece and the spring action of the diaphragm itself by moving core recovery together with another place, contact closure circuit is turned on, then the current flowing through the coil generates a magnetic force through the contacts, repeat the above action. And so forth through the bad patch constantly vibrates to the sound. Co-sound chamber and the diaphragm rigid connection enables smooth vibration sound more pleasant. Wherein the gap is small excitation frequency of the contact arm and the contact will be high; large gap excitation frequency is low, that is, adjust the different gaps, speakers will be affected differently by the forced vibration frequency of the excitation and produce different sounds. Due to the above analysis, vibration speaker diaphragm is forced vibration.