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  • What issues prone to car horns?

    Although rarely used a car horn, but indeed an indispensable presence. Car horn outside the car or the car can play a very good warning to remind them that you come by car.


  • Motorcycle horn button works in two ways

    Motorcycle horn button works in two ways: First, the electrical horn two connecting wires, a battery and the ignition switch is connected to the positive electrode, and the other is connected to the horn button, and then through the horn button static and dynamic ground contact, communication and electric horn operating circuit, the electric horn to work.


  • Structural features motorcycle horn

    General use on the motorcycle electromagnetic vibration speaker, and there are two kinds of DC and AC. DC horn work, use contacts off. Current intermittent, alternating suction move or release the armature, which led to the vibration plate and the resonant piece, loud voice. AC horn work, the use of alternating current, alternating suction armature movable or release, thus boosting the vibration plate and the diaphragm vibration and sound. DC motorcycle horn structure as shown below, JH70 type, CY80 motorcycle pair are used ridicule such a structure.


  • Wikipedia describes air horn

    An automobile horn, can be divided into a motor pump speakers, electronically controlled air horn, air horn machinery. Electric air horn produced by the DC motor pump compressed air through the compressed air hose to import gas flame horn sounding device (copper plate, silica gel plate or tray) audible, and then expand the amplified sound via the mouth, reaching warning, caution role.


  • What is the principle of air horn

    Car horns divided into two kinds of horn and air horn, horn continuously through the electromagnetic coil power on and off, the metal diaphragm to generate sound vibration, sound sweet. Electric horn shape mostly spiral and basin-type, widely used in a variety of vehicles. Light passenger cars are electric horn.


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